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Purpose: The job of special projects chair centers around coordinating and scheduling special in-class activities such as class projects, theme days, mini electives, and literature, as well as after-school and weekend projects. It also involves supporting Ocean’s Week and clusters Coordinators as needed.

Record keeping:
* Pre-approve and sign reimbursement forms for special projects expenditures of over $10 and place them in the treasurer’s folder.
* Keep a record of expenditures and inform the parents when funds are low.
* Keep a record of families who have done their special project and remind the others that one project a year is required.
* Compile a yearly list of the special projects and their providers. Give a copy of the list to the incoming special projects chair and file a copy in the special projects binder located in the resource room.

* Attend monthly planning meetings.
* Meet with teacher to determine needs for special projects and literature groups. Notify parents of these needs.
* Coordinate with the ombuds to ensure that all special projects are included on the monthly class calendar.
* Keep teacher informed of special project details, i.e., the subject, time, and date, number of children, special requirements, etc.

* Recruit volunteers to do projects as needed.
* Provide special project ideas as needed.
* Organize logistics and materials.
* Encourage projects that complement curriculum themes and units.
* Refer parents to resources available in the resource room, such as the literature files, parent talent binder, and special projects binder.
* Meet with the vice president for orientation.

Financial Responsibility: Coordination with teacher regarding budget for special projects.

Hours Recording Procedure: Hours are to be entered by the job holder on a digital hours-recording platform provided by the PTO.

Hours: 45 Reports to: Class Ombud

Selection: Elected by class membership

Term: August to June

Revised 5/23


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