Why Give? State funding provides for the basics of the education received at Ocean Shore School.  The excellent experiential learning, field trips and wonderful enhancement programs, come directly from your gifts and participation in fundraising events. Our overall fundraising goal of $150,000 enables OSS to continue providing our amazing programs.

What does $150,000 give you?

​Our entire enrichment program, which is the core of what’s valuable at this school.

Field Trips

Kindergarten through 2nd Grade Field Trips

Theatre Works | Symphony | Berkeley Theater | SF Ballet | Sacramento | much more

3rd through 5th Grade Field Trips

Pigeon Point | Point Reyes | Sutter’s Fort | Fort Ross | Theatre Works | Symphony | Berkeley Theater | SF Ballet | Marine Science Institute

6th through 8th Grade Field Trips

Calistoga | Ropes Course | Marine Science Institute | Yosemite | Theatre Works | Symphony | Berkeley Theater | SF Ballet

PE Consultant for Kindergarten through 5th Grades

Art Program Support

Science Program Support

Technology Improvements

Music for Kindergarten through 3rd Grade

Why Family Donations?

The Annual Fund is where our community gets to shine and show our collective spirit of generosity. Keeping in mind that our fundraising overall represents about $300 per student, we need to come together as a community and give generously where we can. Each family participating in whatever way is meaningful to them is just as important as how much money we raise. Getting as close to 100% participation as possible is a core goal for our PTO. Your involvement generates enthusiasm and encourages others to join in.

Why Family Participation?

Family Participation is vital for our school to continue to provide the wonderful fieldtrips and volunteer supported programs, but at the heart it is a chance to celebrate our children, teachers, and support all of programs we value here at Ocean Shore. It’s also a wonderful way for us to strengthen community. Our community is built on parent involvement and we thank you for ALL that you do.


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