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Purpose: Yearbook Manager is responsible for overseeing and coordinating the production of the yearbook so that the yearbook is completed, printed and distributed before the end of the school year.

Prerequisite/Requirement: None

Job Responsibilities
* Coordinate a group of parents who work with children to produce the yearbook.
* Publicize the need for pictures.
* Coordinate the taking of classroom pictures and school-wide picture with the Principal and teachers.
* Set the production schedule.
* Reserve the computer lab for evening and weekend work.
* In the fall, communicate with a publisher to obtain deadlines and prices regarding the publication of the yearbook.
* Submit the final copy of the yearbook by the publisher’s deadline and order books.
* Pre-sell yearbooks and deposit money weekly to the yearbook account.
* Pay the publisher’s bill by the deadline (usually after the end of the school year).
* Distribute books to classrooms (student names in each book) before the end of the school year.
* Have parents submit hours working with students using a digital hours-recording platform provided by the PTO

Financial Responsibility: Yearbook Account, collect checks and deposit with Treasurer
Hours recording procedure: Hours are to be entered by the job holder on a digital hours-recording platform provided by the PTO.
Hours earned: 30 Reports to: Principal/Vice President
Term: August to June
Selection Process: Appointment: this position will be filled by the PTO Executive Board. Please sign up if you would like to be considered for it. You may be asked to submit a written statement outlining your qualifications. You may submit your name to the PTO President or sign up at any time until the end of the May General Meeting.
Term: August to June

Revised 4/24

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