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Purpose: Oversee the Spirit Wear program. Manage inventory, sales and vendor communication for all school “Spirit” wear.

Prerequisite/Requirement: Organized and proactive. Ability to problem solve, work independently and respond quickly to vendor and customer requests.

Job Responsibilities
* Work with vendors to obtain quotes, request bids, mockups of items, bulk order discounts. Try to obtain several quotes to compare pricing.
* Work with president/treasurer/6-8th grade reps to receive approval before placing orders.
* Manage Cheddar Up sales page, update inventory online to reflect in person sales.
* Work with social media coordinator and VP – MarCom to disseminate sales, pre-orders, new inventory information to the school. Post flyers at school, work with ombuds to disseminate sale information.
* Hold school wide pre-sales 2x year – once in fall, once in Spring. Keep small amounts of inventory on hand for sales throughout the school year.
* Work with the President/Treasurer to determine the price list.
* Manage inventory, Spiritwear display case and garments at entrance to school.
* Utilize Cheddar Up for online orders but give options to pay by cash/check by depositing documents into the PTO safe.
* Keep accurate inventory on Cheddar Up. Work with accounts payable coordinator and school secretary to receive information on orders placed offline.
* After the deadline, submit the order to the distributor.
* Vendor will deliver the order to you in bulk. Divide up the orders by family/classroom and label to distribute to families who placed orders.
* Send updates to customers, communicate via email with updates, changes or delays.
* Once garments are received, double check prices and quantities received. Sign and date the bill and submit it to the Treasurer for payment. (The Treasurer will either mail the check directly to the distributor or provide it to the Spiritwear Coordinator to deliver to the vendor. Remember to indicate that the bill is for school T-shirts/sweatshirts.
* Deliver the items within 7 days of purchase on Cheddar Up. Confirm the customer did not already receive their order in person prior to delivery to the classroom.
* Work with the board to have sales on days with high traffic – Back to School Night, Open House, PTO meetings, last day of school. Recruit volunteers to manage the table.
* Utilize an online system to manage orders, delivery of sales, communication with vendors and logos throughout the school year.

Financial Responsibility: Direct checks to PTO Treasurer

Hours recording procedure: Hours are to be entered by the job holder on a digital hours-recording platform provided by the PTO.

Hours earned: 30-40 per year Reports to: 6-8th Parent Representatives

Selection Process: Elected by General Membership

Term: August to June

Revised 4/24

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