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Purpose: Classroom aides are invaluable to teacher. They work with children in small groups, do clerical tasks and generally help the teacher during class time. The scheduler provides administrative support to coordinate and schedule classroom aides for the teacher.

* Meets regularly with teacher to determine teacher’s scheduling needs and preferred methods for scheduling parents.
* Contacts all parents in class, either via phone or written communication or email to determine their availability and scheduling preferences.
* Receives report from ombud of those parents who have provided proof of negative or inactive TB status. No parent will be scheduled that has not provided appropriate documentation.
* Coordinates parents to work in the classroom according to teacher’s needs and parents’ availability. In the event that multiple parents wish to work at the same time and/or date, all efforts will be made to arrive at a reasonable and equitable solution for all. If no solution can be found, a lottery will be held to determine which parent shall be scheduled.
* Provides parents and teacher with a monthly calendar of parent aides.
* Informs teachers of any changes in the aide calendar.
* Remind parents of their responsibility to find a substitute when they are unable to work their aide day and to notify the scheduler and/or teacher of any changes.
* Compiles and distributes a list of parents willing to serve as substitutes for aide days.

Financial Responsibility: none

Hours Recording Procedure: Hours are to be entered by the job holder on a digital hours-recording platform provided by the PTO.

Hours: 30 Reports to: Class Ombud

Selection: Elected by Class membership

Term: August to June

Revised 5/23


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