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Purpose: Parents, teachers, and students use the kitchen and science room kitchen and are responsible for cleaning up after themselves. From time to time, monitoring is needed to make sure items have been put back where they belong and all areas are cleaned.

Prerequisite/Requirement: None

Job Responsibilities
Beginning of year
* Clean refrigerator and stoves
* Take a simple inventory of kitchen equipment.
* Clean cabinets, reline shelves with clean paper where needed.
* Make sure rules for the area are posted.
* Check paper towel, sponge, and cleaning supplies, restock as needed.
* Reorganize/put away kitchen equipment in proper places.
* Clean counters and sinks.
* Wash and return any soiled towels, aprons, or other linens.
* Discard expired items in refrigerator and wipe out refrigerator, if needed
* Check cabinets, wipe residue, seal lids tight, put equipment in proper places
End of year
* Clean the refrigerator and stoves inside and out.
* Discard pantry items, clean shelves of any residue.

Financial Responsibility: None

Hours recording procedure: Hours are to be entered by the job holder on a digital hours-recording platform provided by the PTO.

Hours earned: 20 Reports to: K-2nd Parent Respresentatives

Selection Process: Elected by General Membership

Term: August to June

Revised 4/24

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