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Purpose: To bring consistent, standards-based art to all students, the Art Program Coordinator provides leadership in coordinating parent art volunteers and managing the OSS Art Room.

* The ability to communicate with parent volunteers to provide information, materials and support as needed.
* The ability to communicate with classroom teachers and ombuds.
* The ability to coordinate schedules and volunteer meetings, as needed.
* The ability to keep the Art Room organized and stocked with art supplies.

Job Responsibilities
In summer/ early fall:
* Organize, inventory and label art materials, tools, equipment, and supplies.
* Order art supplies for general Art Room use (markers, pencils, scissors, etc.).
* Give each classroom art teacher a copy of the appropriate curriculum book, OSS art program procedures and resources.
* Maintain a check-out system for all centralized art materials, including art books, tools and equipment.
* Train new parent art teachers.
* Create a schedule for “art shows” in the OSS main hallway, making sure that each class has at least one week designated for artwork by their students. Post the schedule in the hallway and distribute it to the art volunteers via email.
* Create an email list for all parent art teachers and volunteers.
* Post art room use schedule for all classes.
Throughout the year:
* Obtain additional art supplies, as needed. Some materials come from district fund sources; others come from PTO fund sources. Ordering may be done via the OSS office.
* Request appropriate funding for art supplies and equipment from the PTO and/or create a budget for PTO approval and manage expenses to stay within budget. [Note: The budget is usually set in the summer before the beginning of each school year. The proposed budget should be submitted in June.]
* Oversee loading and operation of the ceramic kiln.
* Maintain an email list and group message system for parent art teacher communications.
* Conduct period meetings to share information with art teachers.
* Write or solicit periodic articles for the newsletter about program activities or developments.
* Supervises the Art Room Monitor.
* Meet with the Principal when needed.
Additional responsibilities:
* Assist teachers and parent art volunteers in developing a schedule, if requested.
* Develop resources and activities for teachers, if requested, or advise on where to find info and lesson ideas.
* Document program with photographs, student and teacher surveys and assessments, as needed.
* Coordinate training workshops for parent volunteers, as needed. Hours given for attending workshops.
* Advise PTO of program needs and changes.
* Assist with Oceans Week art project planning.

Fiscal Responsibility: Oversee art program budget.

Hours recording procedure: Hours are to be entered by the job holder on a digital hours-recording platform provided by the PTO.

Hours earned: Full commitment for 1 person or 10 hours/month individually for two Art Program Coordinators

Reports to: Principal/Vice President

Selection Process: Appointment – This position will be filled by the PTO Executive Board. Please sign up if you would like to be considered for it. You may be asked to submit a written statement outlining your qualifications. You may submit your name to the PTO President or sign up at any time until the close of the election. This job may be shared by two people.

Term: August 15 to June 30

Revised 4/24

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