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Purpose: To assist the president and to supervise various jobholders, chair committees, organize activities and attend meetings, as listed below.

Prerequisite/Requirement: None

Job Responsibilities
* Supervise and serve as liaison for all Ombuds, and Parent Representatives.
* Advisory resource for Parent Representatives. Monitors to ensure ongoing communication between Parent Representatives and Ombuds.
* Attend Executive Board, Teacher/Ombuds, and all general meetings. Chair meetings if the president is unavailable.
* At the beginning of year, organize and conduct orientation meetings for all Ombuds, Field Trip Coordinators, Parent Representatives, and Special Projects Coordinator.
* Attend PSD School Board meetings as needed.
* Educate and monitor volunteer hours recording.
** Send periodic communications to parents via ParentSquare to check in about inputting hours. This includes a presentation at the first general PTO meeting in September on best practices for recording hours.
** Periodically (3 times per year), the Hours Recorder will review family hours and download a report of hours entered by each family. Share progress with the Executive Board and check in with Ombuds to ensure there are enough volunteers to support programming.
* Organize Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week in May
* Oversee (monitor and advise) for the following PTO job holders: EAT Committee, Parent Representatives, Yearbook Manager, Job Coordinator, Art Program Coordinator, Oceans411 Parent Coordinator and makes sure first meetings of the year for all standing committees are scheduled and publicized.

Financial Responsibility: General oversight and signatory for PTO account.

Hours recording procedure: Hours are to be entered by the job holder on a digital hours-recording platform provided by the PTO.

Hours earned: 75 Reports to: Executive Board

Selection Process: Elected by General Membership

Term: July 1 to June 30

Revised 4/24

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