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Purpose: The position of record keeper assistant exists to serve as liaison between approved Pacifica School District volunteers based at Ocean Shore School and the assigned school record keeper; to facilitate communication between these parties, assist in maintaining expirations and name tags.

Prerequisite/Requirement: Strong organization skills recommended. Knowledge of Google Suite is strongly recommended.

Job Responsibilities
* Knowledge of Google Spreadsheets, Google Docs and Gmail
* Ability to help sort Welcome Packets one week before school starts under the supervision of the Ocean Shore School Record Keeper
* Ability to make and maintain volunteer name tags through the designated system used by PTO/Pacifica School District
* May have to send monthly reminder emails in regards to expiring documentation under the supervision of the Ocean Shore School Record Keeper
* Create and post signage to help volunteers know about volunteer requirements and recording hours as designated by Pacifica School District and Ocean Shore PTO
* Help Record Keeper with any non-confidential tasks as needed
* Help PTO VP in maintain field trip bags for drivers as needed
* Maintain the Volunteer bookcase located in the Main Office

Hours recording procedure: Hours are to be entered by the job holder on a digital hours-recording platform provided by the PTO.

Hours earned: Up to full commitment

Reports to: Ocean Shore School Record Keeper

Selection Process: Appointment – this position will be filled by the PTO Executive Board. Please sign up if you would like to be considered for it. You may be asked to submit a written statement outlining your qualifications. You may submit your name to the PTO President or sign up at any time until the close of the election.

Term: August 1 to June 30

Revised 4/24

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