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Purpose: To set up, maintain and publish a list of current PTO jobholders and set up spring elections.

Prerequisite/Requirement: Computer access required. Strong organization skills and attention to detail recommended.

Job Responsibilities
* Maintain current job descriptions in 2 places:
1. Shared Google drive or other shared access platform (request access from prior Job Coordinator);
2. OSS PTO website (in coordination with Webmaster).
* Post Jobs Roster in Parent Hallway and Main Office.
* Provide a list of PTO jobholder’s names who receive allotted hours for the year to the Hours Recorder.
* Create a roster of all elected positions, including names of new jobholders and their phone numbers. Give to the Roster Chair at least one week prior to the September General Meeting for distribution with the School Roster at the General Meeting. Update as necessary.
* Update and edit job descriptions as directed by the Executive Board.
* During mid-February, email current jobholders asking them to review their job descriptions for any changes to duties or hours. Follow up as needed for responses.
* Compile suggested edits to job descriptions and give to PTO President by at least one week before the April Executive Board Meeting. If helpful, schedule a meeting with the PTO President for late March to discuss job feedback.
* Post job descriptions as directed by the PTO President for elections in May.
* Create ballots for spring elections and tally votes (if needed) with the PTO President.
* No later than one week after elections, provide a copy of job description to all jobholders (new and staying on).
* Maintain record of all current jobholders and inform PTO President of any vacant positions.
* Provide updated job descriptions to PTO Website Manager for posting on the website.

Financial Responsibility: None

Hours recording procedure: Hours are to be entered by the job holder on a digital hours-recording platform provided by the PTO.

Hours earned: 35

Reports to: Vice President

Selection Process: Elected by General Membership

Term: August to June

Revised 4/24

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