Middle School at Ocean Shore is a program that provides many leadership opportunities, embraces experiential learning/field trips while still focused on the core middle school curriculum. A few special notes about middle school at OSS:

  • Students will have a homeroom teacher–who will be their point person of support throughout the year–and a different teacher for each core subject.
  • All 6th grade students will be enrolled in beginning band. 
  • Examples of past 7-8th grade electives were Oceanography, world language, debate, TA.
  • All 6-8 students will also have art, in addition to their elective!
  • 8th grade will go to Yosemite and do a 20% project.

Sample Middle School Schedule

20% Project

The 20% Project is a cornerstone of the 8th grade experience at OSS. During the Project, the 8th graders will be proposing, developing, implementing, and completing an individual project, producing a product, volunteering service time, enhancing their education on a special topic, or researching a topic that interests them. If you would like more information about the project please ask your OSS student, contact their teacher, or watch this TED Talk about 20% projects.

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