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Purpose: The garden coordinator will work with the teacher to plan and coordinate time to plant seeds, water, harvest, and maintain a garden bed.

Commitment: Each classroom has garden class at a specific time of the week, and the garden coordinator must be present at that time (though garden does not need to be done every week). This time is determined by the teacher. Lessons take about 2-4 hours per month, depending on how frequently they are done. Planning for lessons and coordinating with the Environmental Action Team (EAT) as needed takes a couple of hours a month.

Other Considerations: Garden coordinators can grow crops in preparation for Salad Day at the end of the year, in which students come to the garden to harvest and eat salad. Join g/oss-eat to connect with the other garden coordinators. There are example lesson plans (join the group above or request access directly). Resources available at https://osspto.org/programs/environmental-action-team-eat/.


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