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Purpose: Field trips require extensive administrative work: booking, funding, transportation, distribution and collection of paperwork, and monitoring compliance of driver-required documents. In order to ensure smooth and safe trips, the field trip chair has responsibility for administrative tasks related to field trips.


  • Good organizational skills

Job Description/Responsibilities

At the beginning of the year:

  • Read PTO Handbook policies related to this job.
  • Attend orientation meeting with Vice-Presidents regardless of level of experience in this job or in the school.
  • Obtain copies of field trip emergency information questionnaires from ombuds.
  • Make copies to give to each driver for use in emergency.
  • Meet with teacher to establish field trip guidelines and distribute to all parents in class. Include callin procedure or provide reference page for call-in procedure in the handbook.
  • Check to see that all field trip drivers have required documentation on file: copy of valid driver’s license; check expiration date, insurance on file; check expiration dates, volunteer driver’s form and Negative TB test; check expiration date. (Obtain monthly update from ombuds or school record keeper.)

To arrange trips:

  • Contact destinations to arrange tours, reservations, tickets, and time to allow for trip.
  • Be certain of traveling direction and time needed for trip; prepare clear, accurate maps for each driver if necessary. Make maps/directions available to the drivers in prior to the day of the trip.
  • Meet with teacher to discuss and arrange field trips.
  • Present upcoming field trips to parents at planning meetings.
  • Call parents to drive field trips if more drivers are needed.
  • Arrange call-ins.

Prior to each trip:

  • Complete all district required paperwork:
    • The Request for Field Trip forms must be submitted to office 2 weeks prior to the trip (2 months prior for overnight). The kitchen is notified by office.
    • Send permission slips home for parent signature; collect all permission slips. Note if multiple trips are listed on one form, the form must allow sign off for each trip. (Note after the last field trip, all forms are to be turned in to the office.)
    • Request for private vehicle or walking field trip; submitted to office.
  •  Confirm with those who have agreed to drive.
  • Send home notes on planned field trips stating any special clothes, shoes, bag lunches, water, or snacks needed.
  • Send emergency form for each child with the parent drivers.
  • Make sure parents driving are sure of field trip guidelines.
  • Provide directions for the drivers, including clear, accurate maps if necessary.

Arrange for students to be dropped off at proper location if field trip extends past dismissal time.

After each trip:

  • Complete the form to record hours for the field trip; one form per trip and submit to the
    hours recorder within a week of the trip; keeping copy in case of discrepancy.


  • Interact and cooperate with other field trip chairs to plan cross-grade trips.
  • Keep records of each field trip for next year’s class field trip chair, including any clear,
    accurate maps you may have used.
  • Collect checks made out to OSS PTO for any event that requires money and give them to the treasurer. Prepare any reimbursement requests needed.

End of year:

  • Place useful information such as directions, contacts, cost, etc. for successful field trips into Field Trips Binder that shall be kept in the parents’ library and will be maintained by the Parent Resource Monitor.
  • Kindergarten: Distribute Order Forms for Kinder T Shirts. Collect money, organize order and turn into PTO. WASH SHIRTS AFTER FIELDTRIPS AND RETURN TO CLASS ROOM.
  • Kindergarten/1st Grade: Send reminder a day or two ahead of trip to bring in CAR SEAT. Be at school early on the day of the trip to organize car seats according to driver listing. Call parents who forgot car seats. (Extra car seats available in the parent room)
    • Be aware of car seat laws. Currently 6 yrs old or sixty pounds.

Financial Responsibility: none
Hours Recording Procedure: Hours are to be entered by the job holder on a digital hours-recording platform provided by the PTO.
Hours: 45
Reports to: Class Ombud
Term: Aug. to June

To apply for this job please visit classroom-ombud.


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